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    • Stretch Therapy 30 Promo $25
      Try our STRETCH THERAPY MASSAGE breakthrough approach in our heated room combining assisted stretching, elements of Thai massage, myofascial release, trigger point, ashiatsu followed by your choice of sauna, sound therapy, or add on a custom massage.
  • Customized Stretch Therapy & Massage Services

    Select a duration of session, any add on you choose, select therapist and we will confirm your time by email.  Our signature stretch therapy massage uniquely approaches pain, stress, injury using stretching, deep relaxation, and therapeutic massage performed with whichever modality best serves your needs. Your therapist will design your session with your input and you will  have optional time to detox in sauna or repose with sound therapy after your treatment.
  • Build-a-Custom-Treatment add-ons

    Enhance the holistic benefits of your session and take full advantage of the value of our facilities.
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